Frank Wilkat

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Frank Wilkat began his Radio Career in 1990. He has worked as DJ, Morning Show Host and Promotion-, News- , Music- Program Director.


In 1999 Frank and his team successfully re-launched delta radio as Germany’s first and only Alternative Rock Radio Station. That resulted in the best market share ever at delta radio. At Radio PSR in Leipzig Frank and his team achieved a Radio Milestone: Radio PSR for the first time in its history became the #1 station in all of East Germany. Frank left PSR for the international NRJ-Group.


Frank is an independent music consultant. At the start of new millennium Frank helped program the great Germany’s #1 Hip Hop Station KISS.FM (Berlin), MIX95 (Hamburg) and oldie.fm (Leipzig). He was also on board at ANTENNE BAYERN in Munich as they became Germany’s #1 Radio Station with an average of over 1.450.000 listeners per hour.


Started 2002 Frank was part of the Consulting Team Alan Burns & Associates Europe. In this capacity he also set up the first #1 European music streaming strategy at NRJ international.


In 2007 Frank launched his own consultant business www.frankwilkat.com specializing in custom strategies for large and small radio stations and networks. Overall he has worked in a variety of formats in over 15 European markets.


In 2011 Frank setup in ANTENNE BAYERN 25 side streams helping them to become Germany’s first digital market leader. Three years later Frank helped mzB (medien zentrum Berlin) become the Berlins market leader with the brands KISS.FM, RS2 and Berliner-Rundfunk. In 2018 Frank launched the digital mzB music stream team. He set up 60 streams, doubling digital ratings every year.


Until today Frank set up over 100 different stream formats across Europe with radio and cooperation with streaming platforms. He specializes in data insights and creative data intelligence, focusing on hybrid streaming. Frank is using audio data to create the optimal listener UX (user experience) and the perfect listener UI (user interface).  


In 2020 Frank Wilkat started his own online research company www.markets&music.com offering online music tests and market research. In 2021 Frank was certified as SEO (search engine optimization) digital audio marketing analyst at the Online Marketing Rockstars OMR Academy) to convert search to sessions.

I've been WORKED on...

I love Radio because I like the simplicity of "the next song matters". Radio, right music for the right moment.